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Murphy’s Natural Product Range

Most commercial equine grooming products contain silicone, industrial alcohol and a cocktail of chemicals to make your horse look groomed and shiny.  Unfortunately, none of these ingredients benefit the health of your horses skin and hair. We thought it was time for a healthy, natural alternative so that’s why we created Murphy’s Natural Products range.

Murphy’s product range is made entirely from 100% natural ingredients that really do work. We use essential oils, plant extracts and herbs to create our range of everyday grooming products. Our ingredients are specially chosen to feed and nourish the hair and skin.  We also add vitamin E to all our conditioning products for an extra healthy boost.


Thoroughly tested on ourselves and our own horses, the natural ingredients in our products work without leaving a nasty chemical residue. And, all our products are proudly made in Yorkshire!

Rosemary herb  Eucalyptus  Lavender
PLEASE NOTE- Because we use natural ingredients we have to comply with UK law and we are not permitted to suggest that our products have any medicinal uses. This means that you the consumer will have to do your own research.
Just to clarify, we cannot use words like prevention, treatment or cure or mention any adverse conditions or diseases (e.g. Mud Fever, Sweet Itch etc.) In addition, we are not allowed to imply a medicinal effect  with the use of words like Anti-inflammatory/anti-viral/anti-tumour, healing, heals pain or painful. and boosting or strengthening the immune system, cough or allergy or suggest that by using our products  you may see an improvement in health.
We have the ultimate faith in our products and know that they often work better than traditional therapies, However,if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us, we are happy to help. Please use the Contact us page 


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